Today is Good Friday. Today marks the anniversary of the day some 2,000 years ago when we all were saved. Jesus survived what none of us could and when he had done what was needed to do to cleanse the world he said “It is finished.” Meaning it has been accomplished. The feat that needed to be overcome to make up for all the bad that has ever and will ever be done by us. Just think how much that takes when you lump everyone from day one to the last day—all our sins big and small. It stinks. It looked so bad that for a moment God could not bear to look at his son.


Thank you Jesus! What a great gift you have given us. I accept your gift with love and thanks and hope that others will accept it as well.

I was thinking before I started to write this about how Jesus does answer our prayers—sometimes it just takes awhile. I say that because I have these awful neighbors. These people are the ones that used to throw trash on some of our lawns, write nasty notes, make up new rules for everyone, take three parking spaces in front of our houses, and generally complain about everything. Well today there is a for sale sign in front of their house. Thank you Jesus.

Now that was meant as a joke but in all seriousness, when put in context of the events of the cross I think I will ask Jesus for his grace and mercy (once again) and be grateful for all the wonderful things in this world—even the not-so-nice neighbors. Things could always be worse.

Have a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful resurrection day—Easter!

And if you have any fun egg hunt photos, let’s see them. We can rejoice in many ways this weekend.

Harmon and Tyler on the Easter egg hunt.