One of my new favorite shows is called Raising Hope. The writing is great and the acting is spot on. In fact I’m pretty impressed by one of the male leads who previously starred in really bad-guy roles in Deadwood and Terminator, the Sara Conner Chronicles. Turns out he can also do comedy. Anyway…

Last week as I watched the opening scene I laughed so hard I had to rewind it and play it again. And now I’m going to share it with you. Not sure if this is legal but I doubt the TV police will seriously care. It’s not like I’m not making money off this blog (dang it).

The dog in the scene looks mysteriously like the Grendel dog. I think this dog based his take on this role from watching and imitating Grendel. Watch the video and then see the photo I took right after the scene played and tell me what you think. Maybe there is a future for Grendel on TV. Gosh I hope so. Then maybe he can start earning some dough to pay for the $45 bag of food I just hefted home last night.