I haven’t written anything in awhile. Mostly because I have to save the good stuff for my company’s blog now. My genius ravings about branding and customer service are being shared on the Creative Brief.

However, I still have the need to rant personally and this is a great outlet for that. Hmmm. There’s a lot going on now. Been out of town fixing up the beach house (okay, not really physically doing much, just complaining about contractors). And getting ready for my big trip. Watching the boys play baseball was fun. Last weekend I went to a party in Delaware. My friend Kathy’s daughter Kerri just graduated from high school. Kathy and Brian have raised two awesome kids. I’m lucky to know such good people!

Then there are all the things I want to do but don’t seem to get around to it. Like finishing the two books I started (writing not reading), the last two years of scrapbooking events, the collage on my wall, cleaning my bathroom, losing weight, exercising, learning Norse—you know all the important stuff.

Speaking of losing weight—only speaking now, not actually doing—I see we have a new food pyramid.


I guess it depends on what phase of life you’re in:











Just kidding. But it is important to watch what we eat. My little buddy Cayden knows this. He learned it from the dogs who like to surround him during meal times. They watch what he eats, he drops it on the floor, and then Cayden watches them eat. It’s a circle of love.

But the most important thing is to exercise regularly. Whether that’s stretching out on the dining room table or licking yourself after a good meal—it all counts.

So now that I’ve gotten the important stuff out of the way, I’m going to make sure to get enough of the base of the pyramid by starting in on the summer season of TV shows. Covert Affairs is pretty good. So are Eureka and Royal Pains. Maybe I’ll multitask and work on my scrapbooks while I do that. So long for now.

Happy Summer!