I’m in the mood to laugh. And I want to thank my many facebook friends for helping me in this simplistic goal of the moment. I also want to give a shout out to some new friends who are also enabling my favorite pastime.

Laughter is so therapeutic. When you have lovely, charming, fun, joyful people in your life it can lift you out of the darkest places and into a new world. The other night I got a wonderful gift from my two-year old neighbor. I was out walking Grendel and was feeling serious pain in my heel and knee and was ready to plop down and call it a day. As I saw some friends coming out of their home, their son was standing at the door, so I smiled and waved and said “Hi Nate!” I thought for sure he would turn on his heel and head for the hills since the last time I saw him I was pretending to be a monster and scared the living crap out of him. But instead of taking off or giving me a look that said, “Who are you again?” he smiled and yelled out, “HEY DAWN!”

Wow! I just love it! His dad and I laughed because we didn’t think he knew my name. Then the gift got bigger as his three-year old sister chimed in as well. Children are so cute, especially at that age. Hearing them call my name and say hi is just so sweet and charming—and it made me forget about my pain for awhile. Many of you who have children may understand what I’m saying, or maybe you’re wondering why I think it’s so special. I love kids—mainly because they don’t live with me and I can see them when they are acting cute and fun and leave when the crying starts. In any case, I am blessed to have a bunch of them living near me and saying hello when I need a good smile.

As for the grown up friends. I’d like to share some more funny photos I’ve copied from them and others around our lovely Internet. If it’s your photo and you haven’t gotten credit for it, let me know and I’ll make a note of it. Thanks for the laughs guys—keep ‘em coming so I can stop taking pain medication!

 “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” Job 8:21

I think my brother did this to me once.

And I’m pretty sure my brother did this once as well.