Things have been way too serious lately. It’s time for some silly fun. It’s time for some belly-aching laughter. Why? Because there is just no way I could possibly survive this world without making fun of everyone in it. That includes me. Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, because they will never cease to be amused.

I’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks at work playing and traveling in between those long hours on the computer and now am gearing up for vacation. Before I leave for the star-filled skies of Michigan, I’m going to share some jokes I’ve seen around the Internet.

One of my favorite comedians is Tim Hawkins. I follow him on Facebook and every couple of days I’m reminded of how even in the midst of the crap that we all face each week, there are still things we can laugh about. Laughter feels so good. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Around D.C. we don’t have much fresh air. We live in a swamp and when it’s 100 degrees out we are forced to stay inside so as not to suffocate. Man—I can’t wait to get up to Walloon Lake and breathe that wonderful northern air and swim in that cobalt blue lake. So, until then I’m stuck inside reading Facebook and giggling at Tim Hawkins and all those funny jokes people post.

Pause for a moment. Allow yourself to feel good for a little while. Have a laugh today and smile at a good memory. Here’s some help to get you started…

“There had to be toys and games in biblical times. GI Joseph. Easy Bake Fiery Furnace. Pin the limb on the leper.” Tim Hawkins.

“Just stumbled upon my wife’s reading list for 2012. ‘Settling for Mediocrity’ and ‘Hiding a Body for Dummies’ have me a little concerned.” Tim Hawkins

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