The Olympic Games have always moved me. When I was a young woman I dreamed of swimming in the Olympics. Back then girls didn’t have much in the way of a future in sports so the Olympics were it unless you were a golfer or a tennis player. And you also had to be an amateur to compete. Now though those athletes can earn money to keep training—hence the longer careers of some such as Phelps and Torres. Dara Torres was a swimmer back in my time—we both swam the 50 meters freestyle and she was the queen of the pool. If you told me that she’d be kicking but well into her 40s I would have thought you had water on the brain. She didn’t make it this year but there are plenty of moving stories to capture our hearts.

Those of you who love to cheer on the athletes every two years know what I’m talking about. Those sports we’d never take the time to follow during the regular season become our favorites—and the athletes who win (and sometimes lose) become household names—which they totally deserve. In today’s social media world the Olympics are coming to us in so many ways. It’s not just the hours of NBC but also the fun commentary on facebook and twitter. I saw a trending topic on twitter that had me laughing out loud today. #rejectedolympicevents. Some of the tweets for this category include cross dressage, synchronized menstrual cycling, don’t drop the balloon, and dine and dash. There are special moments in every Olympics –some we remember for years. I can remember being a CIT at Camp Tockwogh watching Mary Lou Retton vault to victory in 1984. I can remember the most exciting swim race I ever saw was Jason Lezak’s come-from-behind-anchor leg in the 2008 men’s relay. He was jumping out of the water and beat out the stunned Frenchies by only eight one hundredths of a second. And while I was pretty young at the time, I can remember the hoopla surrounding Nadia Comaneci as she tumbled and swung her way to the first perfect 10s in gymnastics.. What are your favorite moments? Are you watching Michael Phelps swim to Olympic history? Have you seen a beach volley ball game or 100 meter track dash that thrilled you? Tell us here and share the moments that bring our world together in peaceful and wonderful ways.

Thanks London. I love the Brits! They are so witty and fun and have been putting on a fine show for us. One of my favorite TV shows is Absolutely Fabulous—and of course the Brits would have our lovely Eddie and Patsy carry the Olympic torch (lighting some cigarettes with it along the way then snuffing it out with champagne). Or how about the opening ceremony with Mr. Bean playing the keyboard and getting bored, taking out his cell phone. I almost cried I was laughing so hard. The queen jumping out of a plane with James Bond was priceless. Well we’ve got more excitement coming along the Thames. Can’t wait! Tell us your favorite Olympic event!

This poll only included athletic events. There are of course Olympic moments we will always remember such as the Jewish athletes who were killed in the Munich games, the shameful boycotts during the cold wars, the Black Power salute in Mexico, the lighting of the torch by Muhammed Ali, and so much more!