The day started off with a reminder of how easy it is to be stuck in a rut. As I went to reach for my morning diet coke—the one I felt I needed soooooo much to wake me up so I could drive to work— I remembered that this was day one of the Daniel fast and instead of the soda, grabbed my water bottle.  Oh joy.

It really does take constant prayer to help you through the random parts of the day when you are doing something like fasting. In case you don’t read my blog regularly (and why don’t you is what I should be asking), the Daniel fast is a ten day (sometimes 21 days but I’m super weak and this is my first try at it) restriction of a diet. Only things that come from seeds—veggies, fruits, whole grain, nuts can be eaten and only water is a choice for drink. Nothing processed, no sugar, no dairy, no meat. Kill me now.

I asked God a few times today to curse the man who invented carbonated beverages and questioned Him on why I couldn’t have my green tea. It’s good for me God! And I’m sleeping through this Monday morning all-staff meeting because I didn’t sleep last night and really need a pick me up. Ahhhhhh!

Okay, moving on—I just want to give God a huge thank you that I’m allowed to eat peanuts and popcorn on this fast. Man did that save me today! A boring salad at lunch was not going to do it. But the juicy cantaloupe and Clementine at breakfast were fabulous. Nature’s candy!

As I drove home I knew the worst was coming. After cleaning the house and doing some chores I almost went right to bed but decided to read the Bible and have a good meal. It’s very hard to resist temptation when you are tired and hungry and that little microwavable can of Easy Mac is staring you in the face. Time to pray. Okay, got me enough strength to cook up some veggies and brown rice—yum! Actually when I first started to eat it, it was a gift from God and tasted wonderful. As it got colder it tasted less wonderful but it was nutritious and good. Praise God.

I’ve decided to read Isaiah during this fast and it is very appropriate. Tonight’s chapters discussed giving your heart to God, not just going through the motions of empty rituals. It also reminded me to not worship idols. You may be thinking of a big carved figure but idols can be anything—money, cars, fame, food, etc. It’s good to remember that we can easily get caught up placing too much importance on those worldly things. Moderation is good and God is great!

Okay, so the dog and cat are very upset that there were no meat and cheese leftovers tonight and they have gone off to sulk. I am going to partake in what may be labeled an idol—Season three of Downton Abbey. There, I said it. I confess it and will repent once the season premier is over. And I will continue to pray for help resisting temptation tonight as I sit and wish that I could have some chocolate for dessert. Oh day two, here we come.