I’ve learned over the past three days of  this Daniel fast that I have an unhealthy love of condiments. Those sugary, sweet additions to the core of my meals that make them taste good. Oh yes, forget the tofu, give me toppings l can sink my taste buds into.

I’m actually surprised I’ve made it this far without sneaking a bite of something I’ve given up for God during this 10-day from-the-seed-only diet. But then, I guess the entire point is that when you Trust in God and let Him help you, anything is possible.

There are actually a few surprises I’ve come across these last couple of days. Here’s one—Muesli and soy milk are delicious. Who knew? I also have been making some good meals such as whole wheat spaghetti and the tomato sauce I made from spices and other more natural ingredients last night. God provides very well indeed. That’s not to say I don’t miss my chocolate, juice, caffeine, and other assorted snacks.

But then it wouldn’t be a sacrifice if we didn’t miss something, now would it?

Sacrifice is what makes us stop and think about God and beg for His strength. It’s what keeps us close to Him and helps us realize how much He takes care of us. The food I’m allowed to eat on this fast is delicious and filling. It really shouldn’t be a sacrifice. I guess that goes to show just how wonderful He is to us that He gives us such wonderful treats to spice up our life.

Thanks for the ketchup God.