The people God puts in my life continue to amaze me. Some are challenges. Some are blessings. Some are truth-bearers. Some are saviors. Some teach. Some learn. And some, well, they just hug you at the exact time you need it.

I pray on the way to work pretty much every day. First I start off thinking how I want to be in bed and sleep some more. Then someone cuts me off and I go into my grumpy mode. Then I realize that is no way to start a day. So, at about 11 minutes into my commute I ask the Jesus to forgive me for all my nasty thoughts and sins and then beg the Holy Spirit to invade my body and mind and take over because I’m too tired to carry out His fruit and be generous, patient, gracious… all those things that take effort.

Why does being patient and kind and gentle take effort? Why do I need to pray for that every day? Why can’t it just be part of my personality? This is where God tells me “It’s because if you didn’t need to struggle, you would think you didn’t need me.” Good point oh mighty One.

So the other day after a long day of not telling a few people exactly how I feel about their last email or the request to hurry something along that has already been hurried along, or saying “NO!” to a client who is unreasonable, or not getting angry at the super slow cashier person, or being upset with the consistent stream of broken things in my life that need fixing, I was in near tears. Stupid first-world problems were stressing me out and I really don’t want to have to take a xanax. I need a better solution.

Well, this is where God comes in and puts the other kind of people in my life. A short walk over to the neighbor’s house and what do I see but a smiling toddler crawling toward me. This munchkin doesn’t talk yet but I swear he knows exactly what we are saying to him—his facial expressions seem to hint that there is a wise old man in that little body. And then the gift from God came when I picked up the “Peanut” as I call him and he dove right into me and gave me a huge hug. He had never done that before and that’s when my tears started. Nothing feels so good as a big ‘ol hug from a good friend or in this case a cuter than cute little boy.

God’s anxiety pill. Awesome. It also helps to sit on a quiet beach and soak in the beauty of the sea with the Grendel dog. That does not stink either.