Know anyone who rents a tomb? I know of only one. He used it for three days and then left it empty. That emptiness of the tomb is a symbol of fullness in everything else. You can use that empty tomb to store all the useless things in your life you don’t need.IMG_0318

I tend to cry on Good Friday and Easter during services. I used to think it was because of the insane brutality of torture Jesus endured. Now I know it’s partly that but it is also the overwhelming feeling of being loved so much by someone that He would take the burden of all my sins and die for me an excruciating death.IMG_0311

When the women who loved Jesus went to clean Him up on that Sunday 2,000 years ago, they found the tomb empty. The men did not believe them. Peter and John ran to the tomb to see for themselves. My pastor said this morning, when you are faced with bad times, indecision, hurt, or need help, run to the tomb. Run to Jesus.

Happy Resurrection day! Thank you Jesus.