Samples of Dawn Crowe’s work over the past several years include print ads and brochures, and digital assets such as ads, animations, social posts, GIFs, and a video that she directed and scripted.

Video Tour of the ISA Sign Expo

This video was a tour of the show where industry leaders showed colleagues around the various part of the event to promote the value of attending. It was the most watched video of their gallery.

Valentine Day GIF Promotion

Taking advantage of the Valentine Day holiday as a theme and to test new tactics, this GIF was created and inserted into an email to capture more awareness about the value of exhibitors meeting the perfect customers at the trade show. It resulted in a very high open and click through rates, and created new leads for the sales team.

Conference Brochure

This piece was unique as it was written in a more editorial style using stories from previous attendees to tie into the value propositions of the show. It resulted in a very high “match rate” for registrations, meaning it had a significant impact in awareness and driving customers to purchase.

Animated Exhibit Hall Map

To create more awareness and interest of the GSX exhibit hall and to increase traffic for our customers (exhibitors), this animated version of the hall was created. I highlighted a few of the fun and interesting areas such as a new Pitch Competition, Disruption District, Shooting Contest, and Career Center to name a few. Each section could be clicked on for additional information with visuals, videos, and text. It was hosted on the website and resulted in one of the most visited pages.

Last Chance Email and Social Media Animated Graphic

This animated graphic for the Sign Expo promoted a sense of urgency for prospects to sign up before it was too late. Putting this in an animated format created a higher open and click through rate vs. a traditional text message.

SpaceCom Brochure

This piece had to target multiple audiences with unique interests and was used to spread more awareness of a fairly new event to government and commercial industry prospects.

Print ad for Sign Expo Trade Show

The hard-hitting campaign theme played out well for the print ads as it was visually stimulating and included a brief call to action. It was used in earned media and drove visitors to the website.

Banner Ad

A quick pivot in messaging as COVID-19 began effecting conferences. The message focused on helping and supporting our industry professionals and backed off sales pitches to register immediately. Feedback was very positive.

Print Ad Series

Here are two of the ads in a series with multiple target audiences in the food manufacturing industry. One is the main/general ad and the other was targeted to the bakery vertical audience.

Animated Social Media Promotion

This animated ad was posted on our social media pages to promote the opening of registration. The animated posts outperformed the static text only posts.