Have you ever heard the saying “what the cat dragged in?” I’d like to play a game called, “what the waves rolled in.” Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed some extensive changes in the shape of the beach and the size of the waves. Change is often stressful, but the softness of the sand and the sound of the waves is so soothing. But back to the game.

Lately the waves have been big and the tide high, bringing all sorts of things to shore. As Grendel and I took our strolls along the beach, I saw many random items. Here are a few I’ve seen lately.

  • A foot long orange piece of nylon rope frayed at ends.
  • An enormous jellyfish about a foot plus in diameter.
  • A small spider crab. (I once saw a big one and thought it looked like a prehistoric monster. That one kept me out of the water for quite some time.)
  • A piece of wood that matches the steps on my stairs. Yes, I took it.
  • An inflatable turtle. Honestly, more turtles. Can’t get away from them.
  • Shells, sand, and horseshoe crabs.
  • A pole with buoy attached.
  • A sink hole that buried my legs to my knees. Not an item or living thing but it freaked me out and I wanted to tell you about it.
  • An empty plastic juice bottle.

There were no Hollywood letters from someone looking for rescue. No treasure chest of gold. Just God’s creations and man’s trash. What strange items have you seen washed up on shore?