The next few days of our trip to Nova Scotia were spent driving and hiking around Cape Breton. During the past few days we had been making fun of some of the marketing imagery that led us to Nova Scotia but with respect to the beauty of Cape Breton, it truly was breathtaking.

On our first day in the highlands we drove up to the Margaree Bay area and checked into the Whale Cove Cottages. The photos on the brochure were nice and I will say the beach across the road was soft and inviting. The lady checking us in was the most clueless of woman I have ever met. After a slew of what I thought were easy questions that she could not answer—where is there a restaurant, for example—I got into the car and made fun of her then asked God for forgiveness because God loves all of us—even those of us who can’t tie our shoelaces without help. The cabin was hideous. That’s all I’ll say. But dinner was yummy and the sunset was magnificent. You can see it below in the photos. And take a look at the basketball court at this place. I’ve heard of tennis being played on grass but not b-ball. 

Up next was the whale watching tour. I was so excited about this. Supposedly this area is teaming with whales and they are everywhere. I wouldn’t know about that since after 2 ½ hours on rough waters we saw a total of zero whales. I’ll leave it at that and move on.

In the afternoon we stopped along the trail and did some hiking. There was a lovely path leading up to a waterfall. Much of the land in this area is protected and the government has carved out a number of trails—some long and some short—to keep the animals and plants from being destroyed. There were plenty of road signs warning of moose crossing, but alas, they were hiding from us.

But, the silver lining was that the sky was crystal clear and beautiful and the air was clean, and the views were very dramatic everywhere we went. The photos don’t do it justice but I’ll share anyway.