I watched this webinar today on how to improve your blog. It was very interesting and the speaker—who was from the Kodak company—had some great stories and case studies to share. Being an amateur photographer myself, I loved all the fun posts they have. Let me just pose a question for your thoughts here. Why do we call ourselves amateur photographers? Basically almost every person in America over the age of three has their own camera and takes pictures. Almost all of them do not get paid, so isn’t everyone pretty much an amateur? Okay, not important I get it.

So, the speaker was telling us about a post she wrote that went viral. Of course, it had a dog in it so that helps, but she tested out one of Kodak’s products—a weird tripod thing which I think I need to get now—on her Pug. She summed it up by stating that all the photos that were taken showed him looking at 1) her, 2) his food dish, and 3) the cat. Too funny. Kind of sounds like men. (I bet they mostly spend their time looking at women, TVs, and refrigerators.)

Later on, she tried putting a video camera on the dog. It was like watching someone have a seizure inside your head. Not a good video but funny. The piece de resistance was when she put it on her cat. As you might guess, the only footage is of the back of the cat’s head. The cat was so lazy it didn’t move and so nothing of interest was shown.

After the webinar I put my iPhone in Grendel’s collar and hit record. He immediately turned his head to try to eat it so the only thing you see is black and then blurred randomness, and you can hear me in the background saying, “No Grendel! Awwwww. Dang it.”

I hope this was interesting content. Posting interesting content was the first tip on how to improve your blog. The second was to make a plan (I don’t think my life is that interesting to plan ahead like that), and the third tip was to answer people’s questions. If your questions have something to do with how to get cat boogers out of your window sill, how to get a Grendel dog to eat, or anything marketing related, I can help. Brain surgery, sewing, curling, eating with chopsticks, growing vegetables, and piano playing are not in my wheelhouse, so you’ll need to go somewhere else for those questions.

Check out the pug with the camera.

Kodak: A Thousand Words – Dog Photography: Not of dogs but taken by a dog.

Kodak: A Thousand Words – Pet Videography – Videos Shot by Pets.