Have you arrived at this page by scanning the fun QR code I posted? If not then you are an amazing sleuth, congratulations. I created this page on April 1, 2011 because I like April Fool’s jokes. And I’m a marketer and like to experiment with the new technologies emerging in the marketplace.

QR codes should generate some big payoff, I know. You went to all that trouble to scan it afterall. So here you go. Watch this awesome video and jam for a few minutes. And you never know, maybe this page will offer something really fun in the future. Perhaps a free giveaway of a Petite Lap Giraffe.

All puppies pretty much look like fools. This one–my friend Wendy’s dog Keelee–takes the cake. She is super adorable after getting her head stuck in the “cookie jar.”

Kind of like Pooh Bear but Keelee style.


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