This is day 10, the last day of my Daniel fast. I wasn’t sure I would make it past three days but here I am, one day (or less now) from a yummy pizza. I have been free of caffeine, refined sugar, dairy, meat, baked bread, and all things processed for 10 days. I believe I did it without biting anyone’s head off or pacing up and down the hall trying not to cheat and sneak a bite of chocolate. All the glory and all the praise goes to God. It was God that kept me focused and held me back from temptation. With my love of food and diet coke and wine, it was clearly divine intervention that has gotten me through these 10 days.

I was okay for the most part but last night the cravings started to get pretty strong. Maybe it was because I was looking down the slope at the finish line. I’ve been thinking pretty hard about what I want to eat first. I know, obsessing a bit? Yes, because I want to keep up the habit of daily communication with God and self control and all that the fruit of the Spirit bestows upon us. I don’t want to gorge and eat just because I can.

I’m getting a new refrigerator tomorrow. It ‘s perfect timing to throw out a bunch of stuff that’s been lingering too long in the old fridge—along with some bad habits that need to go. I know I won’t conquer them all at once, but this experience has shown me just how strong and amazing God is—He can overcome my biggest obstacles with no effort.

Thanks for all who were praying for me and supporting me during this fast. Thanks to Pastor Mark at NCC who encourages our church to do this every year. He does it for 21 days but I’m a neophyte and this is a huge issue for me so I chose to have a goal I thought was extremely difficult but not seemingly insurmountable. Maybe I should have had more faith in God who of course could get me through another 11 days. But now that I’m fixated on having my glass of wine with some cheese and bread for dinner tomorrow, I don’t think even Moses could part me from that.

So in parting, thinking about getting through today and then celebrating, I’ll give a little nod to my favorite musical, Les Miserables:

One day more!
Another day, another destiny.
This never-ending road to Calvary…

Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!

I’m taking a poll: If you were coming off a fast, what would you want to eat first?


No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. Philippians 3:13

Pastor Josh read this passage this morning and I thought it was very fitting. You see, last year totally stank. I know for some of you it was a glorious year full of happiness and success and I say with all sincerity that I’m happy for you. But with the passing of my brother who had become a very close friend of mine, it was the worst year of my life. And it kept getting worse and worse as the year dragged on.

So with the changing of calendars and mark of time, we get to mentally draw a line and say enough! Do over, start over, fresh beginnings, whatever you want to call it. Forget the past, forgive, and move on.

My struggles over the past two years with injuries, weight gain, more injuries, grief, more grief, and other assorted ca-ca have reached a nadir. I need to get aligned spiritually, mentally, and physically with what’s right and what’s important. And to do that I’m joining many of my fellow NCC friends in a Daniel fast.

What’ a Daniel fast you ask? Basically it’s eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, and water. Things that come from seeds. Nothing processed, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, no fun. For you vegans, this may not be a big deal. For me—well let’s just say kicking a 20-year smoking habit was a walk in the park compared to this.

The purpose of fasting is not to lose weight (but I’m praying that I do), but rather to get closer to God. Only with God’s help can I accomplish this. Only by focusing on Him will I be able to reset the do-over buttons. I may not find the path I’m looking for—you know, the one that tells you what you should be doing with your life—but at least I’ll start walking again and hopefully in the right direction.

Tomorrow is day one. I am finishing off the last of the ice cream and wine tonight. I think I may miss my morning diet coke and green tea right off the bat, but I’m going to pray that through the headaches, feelings of hunger, cravings for bread and cheese, and the desire to just down some sugar straight from the bag, I resist temptation. I’m going to ask God to help me resist through the pain and struggle. I’ll take the pain; I just need His help locking the fridge door. And I could use your prayers too.

I usually don’t announce things like this because if I fail (which the odds are pretty good I will), then I wouldn’t have to admit that to the world. But I figure maybe writing about the experience and hopefully getting some feedback and ideas from you readers, I’ll have a small chance at making it.

I’d like to keep my mind on the needs of others through this ten day fast. So please tell me what you are dreaming for in this New Year and let me pray for you. Okay, I’m off to my last meal of meat for awhile. Have a great 2013!